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Wage Levies or Garnishments

IRS Wage Levies or Garnishments

Legal Assistance With IRS Wage Levies

Wage levies or garnishments are crippling. The process is easy enough to understand – during wage garnishment a portion of your wages or salary will be deducted from each paycheck and applied towards paying off your tax debt. The levy ends when your taxes are fully paid off or when any time constraints expire.

Wage levies or garnishments are crippling; many people find that modifying the garnishment is required in order to keep their take home pay at a level that makes it possible to live. In these cases, getting professional assistance could be a good idea.

Do you have an IRS levy or wage garnishment? Is it causing a hardship on you and your family? Do you want it released?

Wage levies cause immediate harm, but there is hope and we can help!

An Internal Revenue Service wage garnishment or wage levy is a written notice sent by the IRS to a taxpayer’s employer requiring it to withhold a percentage of the employee’s pay and to pay it directly to the IRS.

Employers must follow the instructions of the IRS. If they do not comply, employers can have serious penalties imposed upon them.

If a taxpayer is self-employed, the IRS can send an IRS wage levy to the taxpayer’s accounts receivable list. Those businesses and customers are required to send the taxpayer’s funds directly to the IRS.

IRS “wage levies” have a devastating impact on a taxpayer’s financial situation. Many taxpayers struggle due to IRS wage levies and leave the taxpayer unable to meet necessary living expenses.

A wage levy will remain in place until the IRS tax debt is paid or until it is resolved another way, such as an Installment Agreement, an Offer in Compromise or being placed in Currently Not Collectible status.

Also, taxpayers can prevent IRS wage levies by not waiting for the IRS to start collection efforts and by resolving their accounts. WE CAN HELP!

We have trained tax attorneys experienced in negotiating the release of IRS wage garnishments or levies. Call us confidentially or fill out our confidential contact form to schedule your FREE initial consultation today.