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Tax Court Representation

Income Tax Attorney

Legal Representation in Tax Court

Every taxpayer has the right to take his case to tax court! It’s guaranteed. But, you must have an income tax attorney . . . and a good one. We can help!

Have you reached the end with your income tax problems? Has your appeal been denied? Are you ready to take your case to a higher level?

While the goal is to get a tax resolution that fits your particular situation prior to filing a tax court petition, we have experienced attorneys who are familiar with the procedural rules of tax court and who can guide you through the process.

Tax Court may be the answer for you. Many taxpayers fight their tax problem for years with little or no results. Their last hope is to file a Tax Court petition.

While this may not be the answer for everyone – it is the right of every taxpayer. The Court is available to all of us. It is essential that you have an experienced IRS tax attorney to plead your case.

Should you wish to address your claim within the Tax Court, the Ecton Law Firm, PA will gladly analyze and submit your strongest case. In addition, we will manage your case if the IRS appeals the tax court decision, supplying all of the options in finalizing your claim.

At the end of the day, no two tax cases are the same. As a result of the varying circumstances, there are a number of solutions that we will meticulously articulate to you. You will, ultimately, be the one to make the final decision in choosing whether tax court accommodates your needs.

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