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Revenue Officer Assistance

IRS Revenue Officer Assistance

Legal Assistance With IRS Officers

The IRS system is complicated. “Revenue Officers” are extensively trained to collect IRS back taxes. Liens, levies and seizures are their weapons! You need help to make the game fair! Call us!

Are you tired of dealing with the IRS? Do you get calls, letters and constant requests from the IRS to pay your taxes in full – NOW? Do you lose sleep at night thinking about how you will handle the next phone call from an IRS Revenue Officer?

Your IRS tax problems resolution is just a phone call away.

We deal with IRS Revenue Officers every day.

IRS and other revenue officers are highly trained to do one thing – COLLECT THE TAX! They are given all kinds of weapons to achieve their task. They can levy your wages, levy your bank accounts, and seize your property – just to name a few!

If you ignore them they can – and often will — appear at your work place or home with no prior notice. One thing you should know is that they are not going away until you have some sort of resolution plan in place.

We can help you “level the playing field”! Our income tax attorneys can get between you and the Revenue Officer. We can coach you through the process – no hype, no lies – just good advice with a plan of action to settle your IRS tax debt!

We can end the calls and letters sent to you by your IRS Revenue Officer. We can give you relief from those levies, liens and garnishments. Get help today!

Call us confidentially or fill out our confidential contact form to schedule your FREE initial consultation.