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Bank Levies

Bank Levy Attorney

Bank Levy Protection

A levy is a legal seizure of you property to satisfy a tax debt. Bank levies are brutal! IRS will wipe out your Bank Accounts. They “strangle” a taxpayer by “choking off” your cash flow. We can help!

Has the IRS or state levied one of your bank accounts? Would you like to have your accounts and cash released or have the state or IRS levy stopped? We can help!

Our IRS problem solvers have experience in negotiating the release of bank levies.

The IRS is the “Super Collector”!!! The most powerful collection agency in the United States.

It has ultimate collection power. The IRS doesn’t have to take a taxpayer to court to collect a debt like other creditors. Nope . . . The IRS just mails a series of Notices to the taxpayer advising of the tax debt and notifying the taxpayer that it intends to levy the taxpayer’s accounts. That’s it!!

If the taxpayer doesn’t pay, a levy can be issued. The IRS notifies the bank (or other party) of the levy. It instructs the bank to “hold” the taxpayer’s money (for 21 days to allow a fight for release) and if no release, pay all of it to the IRS. The Bank does not have an option – If the bank fails, or refuses, it can be punished. We know what happens after that – insufficient funds, checks bounce, fees applied, constant struggle.

This is the IRS’s biggest and best weapon for collecting taxes. By levying a taxpayer’s account the IRS can “strangle” a taxpayer by “choking off” your cash flow.

To learn if you may be able to have a bank levy released call us confidentially or complete our confidential contact form which will entitle you to request that someone from our firm contact you to schedule your FREE initial consultation regarding your state or IRS trouble.